quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010

Viver em Londres

You know you have been living abroad in the UK for a while when:
2. You have tried the symbol of British food, a breaded piece of fish with fries and they call it "fish & chips".
3. You see semi-naked girls in the streets and boys wearing t-shirts with temperatures below zero.
6. You wake up every morning knowing that it's quite unlikely that you're going to see the sun.
7. You drink pints every day and you love them
9. You realize that dinner time is 6pm
11. You see old people getting pissed in Potters Wheel (Wetherspoon)
12. You are kicked out of a pub at 11.30 pm
15. You've said "cheers mate" more than twice
16. You've tried to buy a traditional coffee maker and you've failed.
18. You wonder how people wash their intimate parts without a "bidé"
19. You wonder why the concept of "proper curtains" hasn't arrived to this country yet.
20. You hear and say "sorry" at least 10 times a day.
21. You've seen naked women on the second (and first, and third...) page of the daily newspapers.
23. You see Tesco as an important social meeting point.
24. You have struggled trying to convert from Farenhait to Celcius, from Miles to Kilometers and from Pounds to Euros, but you know a pint is 0.56 litres.
28. You see 3 kebab shops and 2 indian restaurants in every street.
32. You have tried to destroy the fire alarm at least a couple of times.
33. You have wondered about the wildlife present in your carpet.
34. You see a group of people wearing fancy dresses every time you go out at night.
38. You're outside and don't even notice it's raining anymore, because it is just simply normal to you by now.
41. In case you need to get your hands clean, you realise that you only have two options: boil your hands in water near to 90º or see how they become two beauty ice-cubes.
47. You see potatoes everywhere, in all different forms and shapes, i.e. boiled potatoes, jacked potatoes, smashed potatoes, chips, crisps, etc.
49. You realize that no matter how weird the clothes you're wearing are, people just won't care.
50. You have hoovered your room at least once.
51. You shake the hand of someone of the opposite sex you've just met.
55. You have stopped questioning why there are carpets even in the bathrooms
64. "hello/hey, how are you?" is replaced by "you alright?"
67. It's only five and every single shop is closed!
68. You've bought something at Argos!!
75. You feel like being a nun when you wear trousers or skirt longer than your knees and tops to go out
77. You discover that a simple ticket of the train can vary from a price of 8£ to 30£.. for the same train, time and journey
78. You realize that you have never seen an English Restaurant
84. Your umbrellas have got broken at least twice and you are still hoping not to break the new one even if it's May!
85. You see your housemate ordering chinese food or pizzas three times a week
88. You are certainly annoyed by their stupid sockets
89. You realize that every product you buy "may contain trace of nuts"
90. Your sentences begin with.."to be honest"..
91. You are addressed as "treacle, sugarplumb, darling, sweetheart, love, ...." (and all other versions of nicknames in that genre you normally only call your wife/lover) by the staff in supermarkets, pubs and restaurants.
95. You talk about the weather all the time.
96. You hear "WHA" instead of W-H-A-T ! and "THA" instead of T-H-A-T!!!
97. You have asked to borrow ten "quid" instead of ten pounds from someone
102. You have to mind the gap between the train and the platform.
103. Every door is a "fire door" that you have to "keep shut".

8 comentários:

Sofia disse...

Muito bom! ;)

Já passei por quase tudo o que descreves!


yevgeny disse...

Bela lista!!!

Faltou a referência à quantidade de mães adolescentes a passear os carrinhos de bebé e carros eléctricos para inválidos!!Com isto tudo é quase impossível andar nos passeios!!

BrunoS disse...


Onde arranjaste isso?
O comentário do yevgeny tb é pertinente. principalmente os velhotes no supermercado com aqueles carrinhos de golf que fazem o barulhinho dos camiões quando andam prá retraguarda.

Acho que tb podia acrescente:
you've heard "lovely" at least 3 times today.

Kate disse...

Esta lista está no Facebook para estudantes a a viver em Londres... Eu só copiei para aqui aqueles que acho que são melhores.. O que vocês disseram fica muito bem na lista..

Cris disse...

Faltou o mais importante...
- quando começas a fazer post´s em Inglês

...e ainda por cima copiado( esqueceste da fonte)e nem te deste o trabalho de acertar a numeração.. tás muito british!! :)

Cheers! Fla disse...

ai Kate, mas ficou tao engracada essa lista, eu tenho lagrimas nos olhos de dar risada, li alto para o Paul, mas ele nao achou tao engracada assim :-)


butterfly disse...

Muito bom sem duvida!

Débora disse...

também acho engraçado o tsunami de pessoas na Primark e a cada 5 passos ouvir "OMG Massive!!!"